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Great Pyrenees






A collection of pictures & stories of our meatheads past and present




A faithful dog will play with you


And laugh with you or cry


He’ll gladly starve to stay with you


Nor ever reason why,


And when you are felling out of sorts


Somehow he’ll understand


He’ll watch you with your shining eyes


And try to lick your hand.


His blind, implicit faith in you


Is matched by his great love


The kind that all of us should have


In the master, up above.


When everything is said and done


I guess this is not odd


For when you spell DOG backwards


You get GOD.







We received Panda as a rescued dog in the summer of 2004.  He is a good lug, with a solid love of the family.  He does like to jump the fence and take little sight seeing adventures. 


To the greatest pooch one could have.

Gabby you are missed!!


Our latest edition to the family is Bailey. 







Life is rough in Puppy Ville




Are we seeing a trend here?