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The Glorified Chuck Wagon project page 2!


I got the trailer painted and started the framing of it.  It didn’t take long, I just haven’t had the time to start.  I hope to have the framing done this weekend and then I can start the cabinets.










The only real problem I ran into was the header I put in lifted a bit off the rear frame, I hadn’t bolted it down yet there.  However I think I’m going to place some kind of rubber pad there for flexibility, before securing it. 


Also, there is a wider gap in the rear framing.  I measured it out to drop in a grey water tank, I’m not sure I’m going to do that, but I got the measurements just in case.  This would but the grey water over the axle.




I got the first part of the decking on.  It is very strong.



I told her I would add a pole








I have to pick up some wood for the rear deck.  The front deck will be angled 2x6 which I have left over from another project.  So far the project cost is $47 in materials I have had to buy, everything else is labor and stuff I have had lying around!


******************************Updated 07/16/08******************************


I finally got the decking done and added the new jack.  I still have to cut down the tongue, but that can wait till I get the new hitch.







The rear area with the plywood will be the area for the cabinets, the front decking will be open for whatever needs to be added, cooler/generator/whatever, we can strap it down, I still have eyehooks to add to the frame for strapping.  Also have to figure out what color to paint this thing, some good deck paint should do it.  I’m going to spray the bottom with a rubber undercoating, it is supposed to stick to anything, we shall see.






Going to cut down the neck at the blue part, that is where the old jack was; I took it off and added it to my other small trailer.


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